Photography is a Matter of Different Perspective


Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco is perhaps one of the most photographed bridges in the world. When you look at typical photos of Golden Gate bridge (try searching on Google), you will almost never see a photograph that resembles the one here; this photograph provides a different perspective of Golden Gate bridge, looking up along a pillar. A different perspective very often tells a new story about the same familiar object, and makes you look at it again in a different way.

One of the most common views of Golden Gate bridge is from across the bay from San Francisco, with the bridge in the middle and the city skyline visible in the distance. There are perhaps billions of such photos gathering digital dust in people’s phones and cameras. While having such a photo is fine as a memory of the time you had last visited San Francisco, a photographer should always look for different, uncommon, perspectives.

So, how about perspectives of the bridge from under it, in fog, from a tunnel, looking up? Here are a few different perspectives of Golden Gate bridge to get you started on the path to exploring it differently the next time you are there.



Anonymous said…
Great blog post. Really like the use of many different perspectives to prove the point here. Its very true that because of the proliferation of smartphones, there are billions of unimaginative photos of places like the Golden Gate Bridge. Looking at it from a different perspective is one way to stand out from the crowd.
Anonymous said…
The picture of Golden Gate bridge from down is really nice. Love the write up.

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