Are DSLRs dead? Mirrorless and smartphones are moving in

The Death of DSLR is inevitable and already here

DSLRs are now officially dead. Both Nikon and Canon have stopped making new DSLR models. Its a pity, because, as of this writing, those are some of the best cameras on the face of earth. The DSLRs are being replaced by the mirrorless cameras, and, as some wise friend helpfully suggested, by the smartphone cameras. That’s evolution, I suppose.

Are DSLRs dead? Mirrorless and smartphones are moving in

As I lovingly look at my trusty old DSLR, the Canon 5D Mark II, I realize that my Canon is a thing of the past, an antique. I know I will love it even more, its the very best camera I have ever owned. Together we have been to places, and plan to travel to many more.


Christopher said…
I feel you on this one! I actually miss all mechanical/ leaf shutter/ SLR’s… since digital cameras came out , at first it was a big joke while in college for photography. As I was finishing up my last year, a 1 megapixel camera had just been released! It didn’t compare to even the quality of a 35mm camera, let alone a medium or large format camera.
Many years later when I reluctantly moved from film to digital, I knew that I had to accept the future of what was happening before my eyes.
I still prefer film to digital to this day. Nowadays anybody with a camera thinks they’re a photographer, lol! I can only imagine what capabilities a cell phone will have… I think only the true professional photographers will still have the ability to earn a living soon. In the days of film, I loved that so many people had no idea as to properly expose film but especially be at a level of that which was above amazement that they got a good photo!
I have a DSLR at the moment and will continue to buy them as long as I can. Mirrorless cameras get dirty and dusty more quickly because they don’t have the mirror. Plus I never use anything but manual mode. As long as I have a full frame, I’ll be good.
Amit Basu said…
I agree. Will continue with my DSLRs for any photography that requires resolution and clarity. Mirrorless cameras sound good in terms of having less mechanisms (so, perhaps less prone to failure), but I really really love the optical viewfinders of SLRs and DSLRs.

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