How my eyes were opened - a guide to photography


The student said he was going to the local amusement park, so Tao said he would come along. After all, he had not been to the Park of Most Superior Fun in a long time.

As they were entering the park, Tao noticed the camera that the student was carrying. "Thats a nice camera that you have," Tao noted. "Yes, its the latest greatest," the student said. "Quite expensive, actually. I had to save a few months stipend to buy this one." Tao was aware of the small stipend that the students got, so he decided to keep mum on that subject.

After a few rides, the student was busy clicking photos as Tao watched. "Look! Great lines, don't you think?" the student asked Tao, showing him a photo of a roller coaster. "Wonderful!" said the Tao. "I like how there is a sense of motion in those converging lines. You have a good eye. But, what about the people? This is a great place to find people letting their guard down, to find them screaming, shouting, ecstatic. There are great moments waiting to be captured."

The student looked at Tao. "That's a great idea," he said. 

Suddenly Tao was all excited. "Look at that roller coaster! See that lone hand sticking out?" The student looked up and clicked. The Tao saw the photo and was thrilled. "Is that an expression of joy or of utmost fear? You will possibly never know, but it sure makes for an interesting photograph."

So they walked around. The student noticed the people, they were suddenly everywhere! He observed them as they rode the coasters, as they screamed and laughed. He realized that all these times he was merely passing through, as interesting moments were blooming and disappearing all around him.

"You opened my eyes, O Tao," the student said as they were leaving.

"Your eyes were already open," Tao said. "I merely pointed at where to look."


Anonymous said…
There is simplicity and depth in the narrative much needed distraction thank you for sharing
Anonymous said…
Love how you used the fable-like simplicity of story-telling to establish the notion of observing rather than merely seeing. Wonderful!

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