Our internet is connected but not working at all


"I think we have a problem with our internet connection," said Tao as he fiddled with his brand new shiny iPhone. "I believe the texts I had sent this morning are stuck in some byte-pocket somewhere. I was expecting some response by now, but nada! The internet is not working! It must be dead."

"Oh, don't you know? We did unearth a problem with the internet connectivity late last night," said a student. "Our Unix Guru Nick is working on it right now."

"And what is that problem?" asked Tao.

"It appears that there are multiple interconnected loops in our messaging bus," said the student. "Here, let me show you a photo of the connections that I took." He stepped in front of Tao to show the photo.

"Oh, thats wonderfully self-explanatory," said the Tao. "No wonder my texts are not reaching their destinations. I see how the wires of the internet are so entangled. Do they look like this all the time?"

"They are usually quite interconnected, but not entangled," said the student who was a Ph.D. in Computer Science in his past life. "Normally they look like this," here he showed another photo to Tao.

Tao looked long and hard at the two photos. "Hmm," he said. "How is Nick going to solve this?"

"Nick is untangling the web of internet as we speak," said the student. "It will take some time and effort. You saw how messy the problem is?"

"I did. I think the internet looked more beautiful all tangled up," said the Tao with a smile. "Well, class! As we wait for the internet to be disentangled, perhaps we can use that time to connect to ourselves."


Dan said…
Love the photograph that shows the internet as connected but a tangled mass of wires. Its amazing that it all works after all!
Ulrich said…
Intersting and funny. I really love those photographs too.

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