What do you NOT see, or, what to photograph

“Isn’t she a beauty?” the student asked the Tao. He was holding a Leica SXY camera. 

“She is,” said the Tao, “She is expensive, isn’t she?”

“Very,” said the student proudly. “She has a great, sinuous, sleek body. And a 121 megapixel sensor! Not to mention the vibration-inducing supersonic motor ultra-zoom pro-series f/0.1 lens. It is a great feeling to hold her in my hands! When I look through her eyes ...”

“What do you not see?” interrupted the Tao.

“What do you mean, O Tao?” the student was surprised, “I guess you mean what do I see?” 

“What do you NOT see?” repeated the Tao.

The student thought for a few minutes about what Tao had said. Then, all of a sudden, the truth dawned on him. He saw the meaning of Tao’s wisdom. In the moment’s excitement, the Leica slipped out of his hands and crashed to the floor. Broken glass flew in all directions.

A photographer was born that day. 


Anonymous said…
I feel enlightened! True, a lot of photography is about composition and selective cropping. well said.

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